Public Holidays in Bulgaria 🇧🇬

If you are wondering “What holiday is it in Bulgaria today?“, then you have found one of the best sources of information about the Bulgarian public holidays!

Banks, schools and government offices (including post offices) are closed on public holidays, and public transportation, museums and other services are open on a weekly basis. In Bulgaria, the official public holidays that fall on weekends are compensated by not working on the Monday after them.

If you want to see when do Bulgarians work and rest, check out the 2022 calendar with public holidays!

This is a complete list of national and official public holidays of the Republic of Bulgaria:

  • New Year Eve – January 1
  • Day of Liberation in Bulgaria – March 3
  • Labor Day – May 1
  • Orthodox Easter 2022 – April 24 (the date changes annually)
  • St. George’s Day (Day of the Bulgarian Army) – May 6
  • Day of the Bulgarian education, culture and Slavic alphabet – May 24
  • Day of Unification in Bulgaria – September 6
  • Day of Independence in Bulgaria – September 22
  • Christmas – December 24, 25, 26

The information was also confirmed on the official website of the National Assembly in Bulgaria.

All public holidays in Bulgaria have been initially celebrated in different years and the traditions of some of them change over the years. There is currently no news about the adoption of new or change of current national holidays.

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