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  • Submission of post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed and if it’s a good fit, then it will be published. We have the right to reject any guest post submission for any reason. If accepted, please expect to receive notification within one week with a tentative timeline of when the post will be published.
  • Post should be no longer than 400 words. If your post is longer, perhaps consider breaking it up into a two part series.
  • Submit original content only. This means not copied for your own site or any other site. Google doesn’t like it and other websites don’t like it either! Feel free to “re-purpose” a past post from your own blog. Just be sure to change up around 30% of the post so it isn’t considered duplicate content by the google bots.
  • Compensation. BGPochivnidni.EU does not pay for guest posts. For guest posts with dofollow links to gambling, casino, betting, payday loans, credit card and such websites, we will expect a prenegotiated payment via Paypal.
  • Include a short biography at the end of your post. Around 50 words or less. Please include a link to your site.

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